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An additional 2.5 million euro of Irish aid is to be donated to alleviate the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, the Government said.

The money will be devoted to meeting urgent immediate needs and boosting long-term recovery, foreign affairs minister Charlie Flanagan added.

He addressed a major international conference in Cairo to help the enclave rebuild after the devastating, 50-day Israel-Hamas war this year which left thousands dead, injured or homeless.

The gathering centred on meeting humanitarian needs and the massive amount of reconstruction required in the Palestinian territory, but participants also addressed the critical need to prevent a repetition of the recent conflict.

Mr Flanagan said: The humanitarian situation in Gaza remains dire and it is clear that significant resources will be required to meet both immediate needs and longer term recovery assistance and reconstruction.

Ireland will provide an additional 2.5 million euros towards the humanitarian response that will go towards both urgent immediate needs as well as long term recovery efforts.

Egyptian leader Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi commenced the one-day gathering involving US secretary of state John Kerry. Egypt s government negotiated a ceasefire that ended fighting in August.

The latest Hamas-Israel conflict was the third war between Hamas and Israel since 2008, leaving more than 2,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, dead. Another 10,000 were wounded, and around 100,000 people remain homeless.

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