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A man has been charged with explosives and terrorism offences in Northern Ireland.

The suspect, 43, is accused of possessing articles with the intention to endanger life.

Bomb-making equipment was found in a farmhouse in Co Fermanagh in the west of the region, the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said.

He will appear at Enniskillen Magistratres Court tomorow morning, following a four-day police operation at a farmhouse in Kinawley.

The suspect faces charges of possession of explosives with the intent to endanger life, possession of ammunition with intent to endanger life and possession of articles likely to be of use to terrorists.

Earlier police said it ems seized during last week s raid included about 500kg of fertiliser and a number of packs of home-made explosives; t imer units, detonators and fuses; six pipe bombs and component parts for other devices; a suspected firearm and about 100 rounds of ammunition; and f orensic suits and gloves.

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